PB2- The Complete Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Program

The Post Baby Personal Best Program is a 6 chapter comprehensive prenatal and postnatal exercise program, designed to:

  1. Manage a healthy fit pregnancy and prepare for delivery
  2. Recover and rehabilitate from delivery
  3. Retrain the deep core
  4. Improve pelvic stability control
  5. Tone the superficial core
  6. Reach a Personal Best Post Baby, through calisthenics, weight training, and/or running/multi-sport training

The PB2 Program is a strategic progression of exercise installments from pregnancy to 12+ months postpartum. Each chapter consists of targeted exercises with supporting stretches to address imbalances and restore a strong foundation upon which to pursue even the most ambitious fitness goals.

Kate’s custom designed exercise program is tried, tested, and true. It is based on the most effective and select exercises adapted from the following expertise:

  • Personal Training Specialist
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist
  • Pfilates Instructor (pelvic floor rehabilitation)
  • Bellies Inc Core Restorative Trainer
  • 10 years training the pre and postnatal demographic
  • Personal postnatal rehabilitation to post baby personal best experience

The Post Baby Personal Best Program

  • 6 strategic 3 month programs of 2 sessions per week for a total of 24 sessions each
  • Chapters can be custom selected progressively depending on your postnatal goals
  • $2000 + HST per 3 months- that’s a 20% savings on Kate’s training rate!

Remember that once you are postnatal, you are postnatal for life! It is imperative to train your post baby body properly.

PB2 Chapters:

  1. PB Pre Baby/Prenatal program– 24 sessions focused on weeks 14-28 of pregnancy
  2. PB2 Recovery– 24 sessions focused on weeks 0-12 postpartum
  3. PB2 Pelvic Stability– 24 sessions focused on months 3-6 postpartum
  4. PB2 Core– 24 sessions focused on months 6-9 postpartum
  5. PB2 Advanced– 24 sessions focused on months 9-12 postpartum
  6. PB2 Run:
  • 20 sessions over 10 weeks for Postnatal 0-5K $1500 + HST
  • 20 sessions over 10 weeks for Postnatal 5-10K $1500 + HST
  • 16 sessions over 16 weeks 10K- 1/2 marathon $1250 + HST

For more information contact Kate!