Prenatal & Postnatal Training

As a certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist Kate designs safe and effective prenatal programs followed by targeted postpartum rehabilitation. 
Kate knows first hand how a fitness program will relieve pregnancy discomforts, prepare you for labor and expedite healing/recovery. Train with Kate for the biggest athletic event of your life- childbirth. Then let her help you to strengthen your postnatal body to your personal best- it will be better than ever!


ali1There are limitless exercise modifications which are safe and effective during pregnancy. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are tremendous!


There is no more crucial time than pregnancy when maintaining a fitness program. Having a qualified trainer is your best investment in ensuring the exercises selected for you will best support your individual challenges of supporting a pregnancy.

The transition into Motherhood holds unique challenges when it comes to fitness. These challenges require modifications. Kate has the answers to your questions and the knowledge to guide you through a safe and effective prenatal and postpartum fitness program. Whether you are an active athlete, want to maintain your fitness level while pregnant, or simply want to manage a healthy pregnancy and recovery, a supervised fitness program is essential.
Postpartum recovery can be a difficult process with physical, mental and emotional wellness components. Exercise is a tremendous investment in our emotional and mental wellness.

Because Kate comes right to your house, she saves you time, and your child (or children) are welcome to be there.




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