Meet Kate

KateKate is a certified Personal Trainer as well as:
  • Fitness Kickboxing Master Trainer Level 1 2017
  • ATS Level 1 (2017- Functional Assessment/Blueprint and Corrective Modalities) atscert
  • Bellies Inc Restorative Core Trainer (2012-Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor rehabilitation) *Master Trainer 2015
  • Pfilates Instructor (2012- Pelvic Floor rehabilitation)
  • Pre and Postnatal Specialist (PFS 2010)



Kate specializes in women’s wellness, with a unique focus on prenatal and postpartum fitness. Her core expertise benefits every population including general fitness enthusiasts, competitive athletes, runners, as well as clients with pelvic injury, dysfunction and abdominal surgery rehabilitations.


Fitness Kickbox logo ctKate is a mom of 2 who understands the challenges when strength training a non optimal core. She has the tools to train a truly strong foundation.

Your core is your base of support, so Kate teaches core strengthening exercises. Building on a weak foundation progressively increases the risk of injury, increasing instability of the entire body and deteriorating the form of functional movements; Kate has the specialized knowledge to give you core strategies that actually work.
indexPassion- Kate truly believes in striving for excellence in our quality of life, for ourselves and our families. Knowing how difficult it can be to make the time for our own fitness she will inspire you with her strategies for success!
Kate is committed to YOUR success!
Conscientious –  Kate’s goal is to improve your wellness in a functional way, training to have good movements as well as strength. She fully believes in sport specific cross training preventing injury and improving performance. Investment in your Kate Rita postnatal personal trainerlong term quality of life through fitness and a balanced approach to wellness is your mutual goal.
Train smart with Kate and train for life.
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