Running Coach

Running is a great sport- all you need is a decent pair of shoes and the motivation to hit the streets! Running is often an “entry” sport for people who are interested in getting active, losing weight and improving fitness.


As a run coach with the Running Room from 2006-2012, Kate has extensive experience teaching runners of all levels.  She can design a safe and effective run program for any training goal- Couch to 5K up to full Marathon distance.

Kate has run 5 half marathons, all post baby. She rehabilitated both a diastasis recti and symptoms of  postnatal stress and urgency incontinence. Let her train you to run safely without core symptoms post baby.


MarathonKate’s goal when training runners is to keep them injury free, so they can run for life. As a runner herself Kate understands the “need for speed” mentality that runners typically have, and their lack of discipline and knowledge about effective strength training to support the sport.
Through Kate’s experience with core rehabilitation and strengthening she has a designed a comprehensive cross training program for runners. With focus on deep core, pelvic stability control, and targeted releases, her program can guide any runner through race training and beyond.


Kate’s training program will keep those aches and pains away, allowing you to enjoy the sport, aspire for speed, and run for life!


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