Personal Trainer Training

Personal Trainer Training by Kate Rita

Educating other trainers broadens the scope reach. Kate offers training programs for fitness professionals to better understand core considerations and the pre/postnatal demographic.

1-on-1 Trainer Mentoring and Shadow Program

Workshop- Training Clients with Diastasis Recti
Do you own a gym that trains pregnant women and new Moms? Are you invested in the quality control of your trainer base, and in their ability to safely effectively train your clients?

This is a 4 hour workshop designed to educate professional trainers on Diastasis Recti and how to train a postnatal client safely and effectively, to achieve the results they want! This workshop is theory based with a practical exercise component.

When you tell your clients you can fix their “Mummy Tummy” and incontinence you will have clients for life!
  • What is a Diastasis Recti and how to assess your client
  • What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?
  • Exercise Contraindications and Restrictions
  • Functional training and Pelvic Stability Control considerations
Lower Body:
  • Training for pelvic stability control
  • Go- to exercises that your client will never outgrow!
  • How to train the core despite restrictions
  • Core positions safe for DR
  • Functional DR and reintroducing plank position
Upper Body:
  • What is safe?
  • Exercise analysis
  • Increase program intensity safely and effectively
  • Weight load Guidelines for upper and lower
  • Q & A